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Silk Fusion

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Silk Felt

Going by various names, such as silk paper, silk felt and silk fusion, the name for this technique and the resulting material has become somewhat of a misnomer.  First, it is not quite a paper or a felt.  Secondly, it can be done with so many more fibers than just silk!
For those not familiar with the technique - fibers are laid out between sheets of netting or screening, wet with soapy water, and a textile medium is applied.  After it is dried, the netting is removed and the piece is heat-set.  Surface embellishment can occur before wetting, after the medium is applied, or after the piece has been dried and heat-set.  Sheets of material made this way can be used in sewing projects, scrapbooking, vessel construction, quilting, basket weaving and much more.  Vessels, masks and sculptural pieces can be formed while the material is still wet, giving additional possibilities.


Examples of Silk Fusion

Silk Paper

Silk fusion stitched by sewing machine to create a landscape.


Silk Fusion Leaves

Silk fusion leaves made from the impression of real leaves.


Silk Fusion Scrap Booking Pages

Examples of silk fusion used in scrap booking.


Silk Felt Necklace Purse

Necklace purse - the entire purse (tassels, closure, necklace, stitching and pouch) are made of the same hand-dyed fiber.



Silk Fusion Kit
~ Colors of fiber will vary ~

Introductory Silk Fusion Kit
This great beginner kit contains 2 oz. of dyed soy silk, 4 oz. of textile medium, tulle netting, a brush and full-color, step-by-step instructions.  

Intro Kit...$15.00  #589106 OUT OF STOCK

 The "Artist" Silk Fusion Kit
For those who like to jump in with both feet, we offer the "Artist" kit, which contains 4 oz. of dyed soy silk, 8 oz. of textile medium, tulle netting, a brush and full-color, step-by-step instructions.

Artist Kit...$27.00  #589105  OUT OF STOCK



Please follow the links below to go to the specific page for each fiber.

Corn Fiber
Metallic Blending Fiber





Textile Mediums


Textile Medium

Jo Sonja Textile Medium
Use full-strength painnted onto fibers that have been pre-wetted with water and a wetting agent, to create silk fusion fabric.

2 oz bottle...$2.58  #679042

8.4 oz. bottle...$7.77  #679016

Gloss Varnish

Gloss Varnish
Jo Sonja's Polyurethane Water Based Gloss Varnish.  Used in the same way as textile medium, but results in a stiffer end product, so it is perfect for vessels, bowls, and sculptures.
8.4 oz. bottle...$8.70  #679044

8.4 oz. bottle...$9.00  #679016





Bags with Paper and StitchBAGS WITH PAPER AND STITCH: Innovative Surface Techniques for Embellishing Bags, Isobel Hall.
Explore the art of papermaking and how to transform these distinctive papers into unique, one-of-a-kind handbags embellished using modern techniques. Fiber artist Isobel Hall showcases dozens of exquisite handmade bags and her methods for achieving success in Bags with Paper and Stitch. 
Beginners in the art of papermaking will revel in Hall's ideas and use of materials. The author shares her secrets for creating bags from various types of papers and materials, including silk cocoon strippings, linen, flax, merino, paper clay, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, and much more. Learn how to personalize bags with brooches, charms, trinkets and other found objects, how to use embossing enamels and metals on paper fabric, embellishing bags with stump work, crewel work, embossed metals, and where to find various types of handles to finish off your bag. 
Photos of these beautiful bags are followed by thorough recipe lists and step-by-step instructions. Examples of bags include the Rustic Newspaper Bag created from layers of newspaper and furnishing fabric, aged and distressed to give an organic feel; the Malachite and Azurite Shoulder Bag created from a brown paper bag embellished with metallic thread, beads, wool, thread and ribbons; and the Primitive Clutch Bag, made from felt-finish paper, coffee granules, shoe polish, sewing thread, and dye.
Bags with Paper and Stitch is intended as a starting point and guide to experimentation-learn new techniques and take them in a new direction. Soon you'll be creating new bags all on your own!  ISBN- 978-1-59668-051-7.  Published by Interweave press.  128 pages. 8 1/2" X 10 3/4" softcover.  $24.95  #239189



Handmade Silk PaperHANDMADE SILK PAPER, Kath Russon.
Who would be enticed by this book? Papermakers who have tired of the usual fibers and silk lovers (stitchers, textile artists, et al). Full instructions are given for papermaking with various silk fibers, such as hanked filaments, throwsters waste, silk tops, bricks, slivers, blends and wadding, plus other fibers like cotton, sisal, jute, flax, ramie and cotton wool. The main difference here is the method holding the fibers together. "Felting" is accomplished by working methyl cellulose into the prepared fibers, then allowing it to dry. Dying tips are included along with molding techniques. Each page has one or more color photos. ISBN-10: 0855328932.  Published by Search Press.  96 pages.  8.5" x 11.5" softcover.  $19.95  #139090



Silk Paper Creations for the Fiber ArtistSILK PAPER CREATIONS FOR THE FIBRE ARTIST, Judith Pinnell.
If you are searching for rich color and texture in your work and delight in the excitement of handling pure silk fibers, this beautifully illustrated book shows the way. There are detailed instructions for working with the different types of silk fiber, and full descriptions enabling the creation of hangings, motifs to be attached to other fabrics, and molded shapes that include bowls, vases and masks. ISBN-10: 1863513361.  112 pages.  8'' X 11'' softcover.  $19.95  #139422


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