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Blue Butterfly Originals

Blue Butterfly Originals Pin Looms

Blue Butterfly Originals "Skipper" Pin Looms

Steel pin and native hardwood hand looms.  Hand-crafted in Indiana by Alan Hokenson of Blue Butterfly Originals.

Miniature weaving looms and small hand-looms, so popular from the 1930's into the early 1970's, are happily making a come-back in the craft world. Versatile and portable, projects can range in size and complexity from a single woven square for a mug rug, to several hundred connected squares for a bed-spread.

What makes these looms so unique is the special method with which you can warp them.  The majority of the yarn is laid out on the loom in three "warp" steps.  Then it is all tied together with one "weaving" step.

As you can watch in the videos below, the special pin groupings help you to memorize the four-step warp-and-weave method.  Using this method, a 4 inch square can be made in 4 minutes!

The Blue Butterfly Originals Pin Looms have been updated from the vintage versions with increased pin spacing, which makes it possible to weave with a wider range of yarn sizes.  Blue Butterfly Originals also makes the pin looms in several sizes beyond the traditional 4" x 4" square!

The woven squares and rectangles are building blocks that can be combined into a variety of patterns for a variety of projects: afghans, pillows, scarves, and table-runners, to name a few.

Yarns of various fiber content can be used to weave the squares. However, using wool yarn allows fiber artists to combine two interests in the world of wool: weaving and felting. Woven squares can be hand or machine fulled (felted), even further expanding the creative possibilities!

Hat and Scarf

Hat and scarf woven on Grab n' Go Pin Loom, finished with fulling (felting).

Each hand loom kit includes:

One loom of selected size in cherry wood.
Instructions for warping, weaving, and connecting squares.
One five inch weaving needle.
Two project ideas.

~ walnut looms available by special order ~


2 x 2 Grab n' Go Loom

2" x 2" cherry...$15.00  #689101


4 x 4 Grab n' Go Loom

4" x 4" cherry...$29.00  #689100


6" x 6" cherry...$32.00  #689105


Blue Butterfly Originals Grab n' Go Pin Loom

8" x 8" cherry...$39.00  #689104


2 x 4 Pin Loom

2" x 4" cherry...$22.00  #689107


2 x 6 Pin Loom

2" x 6" cherry...$25.00  #689103


2 x 8 Blue Butterfly Originals Grab n' Go Pin Loom

2" x 8" cherry...$29.00  #689102


4 x 8 Pin Loom

4" x 8" cherry...$32.00  #689106



6 by 8 inch cherry pin loom

6" x 8" cherry...$35.00  #689108



PIN LOOM WEAVING: 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms, Margaret Stump.
Tiny palm-sized pin looms are making a comeback. Here is the perfect book to get started with this intriguing weaving technique.
•40 projects for tiny hand looms.
•As portable as knitting –portable hand looms can easily fit into a pocketbook.
•Tips and techniques for creating blankets, bags and 3-D creations.
•Includes directions on how to build your own hand loom.
Publisher: Stackpole Books. ISBN-13: 9780811712484.
8.5" x 11" softcover, 128 pages.  $19.95  





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