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Dryer Ball How To

Dryer Ball Tutorial – How to make your own dryer balls!

Here we go - the promised Dryer Ball Tutorial! After inquiring in the newsletter if there would be interest in a tutorial, the response was a resounding YES. I have made dozens of these now for our local natural foods store. So, I feel I have…
Instant Pot Cheesecake

In Pursuit of the perfect Cheesecake in my Instant Pot

So, let us deviate from the normal path of fiber musings in this blog, to talk about cheesecake. Why? Because I like cheesecake, and I love my Instant Pot, and my Instant Pot makes awesome cheesecake, with a little help from me...
Top This Monkey Crocheted Animal

Top This Monkey! Using Top This! Yarn to make easy stuffed animals.

DMC has a new hat yarn that comes with a skein of yarn and a character topper. I took one look at these and thought "stuffed animal kit!" After a little trial and error, I present this free crochet pattern for a monkey...
The finished fringe

Trimming the Fringe

  This is the fringe. This is the fringe all tattered and torn (well, just uneven, actually). This is the fringe all tattered and torn, that made the woman all forlorn.   This is the ruler and cutting mat. That…
Pin Loom Weaving Tutorial

Pin Loom Weaving – A Photo Tutorial

Pin loom weaving is becoming popular again! I have been intending to write up some instructions to help clarify questions from our pin loom customers. It's not perfect, but here it finally is - a photo tutorial of how I warp and weave...