Winding Tapestry Bobbins and Lace Bobbins on the Schacht Bobbin Winder

The Schacht Double Ended bobbin winder comes in either hand or electric power. It comes standard with the heads to wind weaving bobbins. These heads come to a point, and go into the center of the bobbin to hold it steady while winding. The…
Pin Loom Weaving Books

Pin Loom Weaving Books, Which Should I get?

You have a pin loom or two (or you are putting together an order for some) and you just aren't sure which pin loom weaving book to get. Allow me tell you a little about both Pin Loom Weaving by Margaret Stump, and 100...
Classic Brooks Bouquet
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Why is it called Brooks Bouquet?

    I've been playing with Brooks Bouquet again lately, in preparation for an upcoming weaving class in which we are going to be working with several hand-manipulated techniques. I get really hung up on nomenclature -…
Pin Loom Weaving Tutorial

Pin Loom Weaving – A Photo Tutorial

Pin loom weaving is becoming popular again! I have been intending to write up some instructions to help clarify questions from our pin loom customers. It's not perfect, but here it finally is - a photo tutorial of how I warp and weave...