Hello world! I’ve been doing a bit of knitting lately, making lovies for my children. These were made from the free Ravelry pattern for Tarragon the Dragon. What a cute pattern! I love the details. I’ve lways loved making stuffed animals, but it’s even more fun now that I get to see my children play with and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

This guy is a dinosaur, since we left off the wings. He is knit from two strands of Kimmit Croft Angel Hair, with the spines made from Kimmit Croft Softie. He has been dubbed “Baby Dinosaur” to go with “Baby Elephant, Baby Parrot and all the rest of my sons stuffed animals.

Meet Catherine, named after her new human who names all dolls and stuffed animals Catherine, made from hand spun corriedale and the spines and wings out of hand spun merino top. As you can see, my children are very original in naming their toys….

They enjoy going on adventurers in the Land Of Make Believe, or hanging out around the house waiting to be cuddled.

Best of friends for years to come….


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