Heat Bondable Fiber: Metallic Blending Fibers

Heat Bondable Fiber

Folks have been asking for a heat bondable fiber, so I ran some tests on the Crystal Metallic Blending Fiber.

Here’s my results:

Permanent Bond - Crystal Metallic Blending Fibers

Blue Flash, Gold Flash, Green Flash, Rose Lilac, Emerald, Flamingo and Lemon Burst will heat-bond permanently.

Put the fiber between two pieces of parchment paper.* Use an iron on a silk setting and press for three to four seconds. Pressing any longer than three to four seconds melts the fiber too much, and it will give off an unpleasant smell.

Temporary Bond - Crystal Metallic Blending Fibers

For all the rest of the colors, I was able to get a temporary bond (the fibers would hold together long enough that I could cut out shapes, for example), but the bonded fibers can be pulled on to separate them again.

Use an iron on the highest setting, and again, place the fiber between two sheets of parchment paper.  Press for ten seconds on *each side.*

I would like to experiment further with these fibers. This temporary bond could be really handy for making cool inlays to use while wet-felting.

Fused Hearts

Yes, we have heat bondable fiber

So, there you have it, folks. Seven colors of permanent heat-bondable fiber for you! And eight colors that will give you a temporary bond.

You can see the colors of crystal metallic fiber here in our shop.

Also available in an assortment with all 15 colors!

*Parchment paper IS NOT wax paper. Parchment paper has no waxy coating. Wax paper can gum up your iron, and creates an odor when the wax burns.


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