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Tahkli Spindle Spinning How To

This Tahkli Spinning How To will walk you through what you need to know to get started spinning with this tiny but powerful cotton spindle from India. What is a Tahkli? The tahkli is a supported spindle. This means that they are supported by something while you spin with them. It could be a table, […]


Beehive Cops on Spindles

While preparing for my Better, Happier Spindle Spinning Class, the topic of cop shapes came up. One of my favorite ways to fit a lot of yarn on a spindle is to use beehive cops.

The beehive shape allows the cop to grow out beyond…

A New Era for the Website!

Amy and I are tentatively excited right now. Today was the big leap – leaving behind the website structure and editor we’ve been using for over a decade, to embrace the new design and WooCommerce shopping system you see…


Wool Yarn Grows When Wet

Did you know? Wool fibers lengthen when wet. Both skeins were made on the same niddy. The upper skein is dry, the lower skein is wet. Once the lower skein dried, it was the same length as the upper. Cool. Have I ever told you how much I love wool?