Puni, Rolag, Fauxlag, Psuedo Rolag

A rolag by any other name

Top to bottom: puni, psuedo-rolag, fauxlag, rolag.

All fiber bundles for spinning – but with very unusual names! What’s the difference?

Besides sounding like a child’s nonsense song (“…puni rolag fauxlag psuedo rolag…”), what do these funny words mean?

Well, they are all bundles of fiber that are rolled up. Just made with different tools, or different amounts of air incorporated into them.

All would be spun with a woolen draft (drafting against twist). Rolags have traditionally been wool, punis have traditionally been cotton, and the other two are so new, it’s hard to call anything about them “traditional.” Generally, spinners agree that fibers 3″ or shorter work best in these preparations. Although I may have pushed the limits of this with some 5″ long Corriedale-cross…

But, the good news is that they all have a place in your spinning toolbox! I especially like the fact that I can take a combed top and quickly create a Fauxlag for woolen spinning. Spinning the combed top as a fauxlag gives me the best of both worlds: a perfectly clean and nep-free fiber preparation, which I can spin with a woolen-style draft that incorporates air for a light, warm yarn.

Puni Rolag Fauxlag Psuedo-Rolag

Here are tutorials on how to make each style:

Puni – uses handcards

Rolag – uses handcards

Fauxlag – uses already prepared roving or top

Psuedo-Rolag – uses a pet comb and flicker

Which ones have you tried? Which ones do you use on a regular basis?

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