A New Era for the Website!

Thank you!

Amy and I are tentatively excited right now.  Today was the big leap – leaving behind the website structure and editor we’ve been using for over a decade, to embrace the new design and WooCommerce shopping system you see now on our website.

We have been working to fix broken links, urls, and images all afternoon, and expect this will continue for a while, as we sift through over ten years of multi-layered website structure.  Please be patient with us while we work out the kinks!  We are learning a lot right now, too, as we take over the new admin area and learn how to edit our site all over again.

The point of all this is to make your browsing and shopping easier, and our record-keeping and shipping more efficient.

The dearly loved free patterns will all be up again in the next couple days.  We’re working like beavers on it.

Thanks for your continued support and interest!

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