The Best Part of Spinzilla: Using All That Yarn

Spinzilla Yarn used in the Fox Cowl

It’s been a year. It didn’t take me that long to finish the hood, that was done last fall. It just took me that long to post about it.


My niece, Eden, modeling the cowl.

This fall I pulled it out of one of my many knitting bags as I was searching for a set of needles. I looked at the lovely vibrant colors and the jaunty ears that never fail to make me smile and decided the time had come to take some pictures to share.

In prepping for the 2014 Spinzilla I paged (ahem, clicked) through patterns and planned a few projects, one of which was the Failynn Fox Cowl from The Velvet Acorn.  I was 9 months pregnant, but I was determined to participate.

For speed and production, this bulky yarn wasn’t the best choice. I had to spin slowly and deliberately to control the grist and twist that was a far cry from my sport weight habitual yarn.


My 2014 Spinzilla accomplishments

I used The Super Soft Merino Top in Ecru, Burnt Orange and Carbon to duplicate the colors in the pattern. The finished yarn was heavy, chunky, and delicious. After finishing the yarn for the cowl I moved on to finer and more familiar yarn to finish off the week.

I was spinning right up until I went to bed on Saturday night. I had two full bobbins of an olive drab Corriedale spun and contemplated staying up to ply, but decided to call it a night.  That night was cut short by the birth of my daughter early Sunday morning, so that was that, no more spinning for me on that last day of Spinzilla.

2015 Spinzilla spinnning

My 2015 Spinzilla yarn

Somehow I did find some time in the weeks to follow to knit up the cowl. With the chunky yarn the body progressed quickly. The placement of the ears proved the tricky part of this project. I re-positioned them a few times until I got the look I wanted. I still haven’t fully committed, the ends are left unfinished inside the hood in case I decide to try one more placement option.

That Spinzilla baby? She’s growing fast and is ready for winter in her newly minted cap, based loosely on Two Rounds Hat on Ravelry, knit from Orchid Corriedale and spun up during this year’s Spinzilla.

cathat-1 cathat-2 cathat-3

Gorgeous dyed merinos and blends, at unbeatable prices!

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  1. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    This is adorable. I wish I could knit. I actually did when I was a young girl, but it’s been so long. I’m afraid it would become addictive:)

    • Amy Dressel
      Amy Dressel says:

      Yes, it is addicting! Especially now that I have little people to knit for. Their stuff knits up so much faster than items for myself.=)

  2. Becky Skidmore
    Becky Skidmore says:

    Thanks for sharing you wooly exploits. What big,brown eyes your beautiful daughter has! I’m looking forward to some more cool sweater weather.

    • Amy Dressel
      Amy Dressel says:

      Yes, and those eyes are full of mischief! She’s doesn’t miss anything; if I leave the door from the office to the shop open she’s off like a shot, heading straight for the yarn and fiber. She’s a fiber fanatic already!


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