This list may seem random – the only thing unifying them is that I like to read them.  They are not listed in any particular order.

Jenny the Potter

Deb Robson – The Independent Stitch

Habetrot (I know it has not been posted to recently, but there is SO much info here – go read some of the old posts.  You’ll thank me.)

Michael Cook (Silk worms)

Amelia Garripolli – Ask The Bellwether

Amy Herzog – Knit to Fit and Flatter

Tien Chiu (weaving, and so much more)

Michelle Boyd – As The Whorl Spins

Beth Smith

Jacey Boggs

Darryl Lancaster – The World From a Weaver’s Point of View

Saber Fazer – scroll to bottom of each post for English translation

Donna Kallner – Author of New Age Looping

Inkled Pink

Amy Lee’s Hanji

Katie Meek

Sew Liberated

These next ones are not blogs, per se, but they are an excellent resource for handspinners.  So much information.  So educational.  A real labor of love.

COE (HGA Certificate of Excellence ) sites
I hope this helps you find something interesting to read the next time you are blog-surfing.

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