Spinzilla Yarn used in the Fox Cowl
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The Best Part of Spinzilla: Using all that Yarn

It's been a year. It didn't take me that long to finish the hood, that was done last fall. It just took me that long to post about it. This fall I pulled it out of one of my many knitting bags as I was searching for a set of needles...
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A New Era for the Website!

Amy and I are tentatively excited right now. Today was the big leap – leaving behind the website structure and editor we’ve been using for over a decade, to embrace the new design and WooCommerce shopping system you see...
Wool Yarn Grows When Wet

Wool Yarn Grows When Wet

Did you know? Wool fibers lengthen when wet. Both skeins were made on the same niddy. The upper skein is dry, the lower skein is wet. Once the lower skein dried, it was the same length as the upper. Cool. Have I ever told you how much I…

Greek and Albanian Spinning: A Closer Look at a Unique Method

I learned this method of Greek and Albanian Spinning with spindle and distaff from a woman who grew up in Greece. I have also found evidence of this spinning method in Romania...
puni rolag fauxlag psuedo rolag

Puni, Rolag, Fauxlag, Psuedo Rolag

All fiber bundles for spinning - but with very unusual names! What's the difference? Besides sounding like a child's nonsense song ("...puni rolag fauxlag psuedo rolag..."), what do these funny words mean? Well, they are all bundles…
Lendrum Spinning Wheel on the Patio

10 minute post exercise - I love to spin

I love to spin. Why?  I'm not sure. Is it the feel of the fiber in my hands?  The mystery of changing it from locks to roving to squooshy, loveable yarn?  Is it the myriad colors, whether shiny or matte or dull or sparkly? Is…
Turkish Spindle

Turkish Spindle Answer: From The Email Archives

Q: How does the Tromp and Treadle Turkish Spindle work? I am not familiar with it. Thanks. - Sharon A: It works the same as any turkish-style spindle. As you wind on your yarn, you go
Blog Round Up

Blog Round-Up

This list may seem random - the only thing unifying them is that I like to read them.  They are not listed in any particular order. Jenny the Potter Deb Robson - The Independent Stitch Habetrot (I know it has not been posted to…
Yarn Check

Yarn Check - Keeping Consistent While Spinning

When I am spinning for a specific project, I want to keep the yarn consistent from beginning to end. Here are a few things I do to help achieve that goal. First, I'll pinch off the yarn near the orifice, and pull a length out…