An early tangle from 2012. (c) Andrea Mielke Schroer

The Year of the Motif

For me, 2012 was The Year of the Motif.  It was a defining year. The last five years of my life have been vastly different for me from what I had previously known.  I met my husband, got married, had a baby, then another baby; my sister…
Baby doll in a red handknit dress.

Baby Doll

We were out rummage-saling last weekend.  Auto Correct says rummage-saling is not a word?  Really? Anyways, I happened to notice this little guy in a box of toys, with a 50-cent sticker on his head.  On a whim, I scooped him and up and…
Classic Brooks Bouquet
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Why is it called Brooks Bouquet?

    I've been playing with Brooks Bouquet again lately, in preparation for an upcoming weaving class in which we are going to be working with several hand-manipulated techniques. I get really hung up on nomenclature -…
The finished fringe

Trimming the Fringe

  This is the fringe. This is the fringe all tattered and torn (well, just uneven, actually). This is the fringe all tattered and torn, that made the woman all forlorn.   This is the ruler and cutting mat. That…
Crocheted Fulled Wool Slippers

Fulled Crocheted Slippers

For some reason, all the slippers in the house have decided to wear out at the same time (despite the fact that they are all made years apart of different materials, using different techniques).  With so many slippers that need replacing,…
Heat Bondable Fiber

Heat Bondable Fiber: Metallic Blending Fibers

Folks have been asking for a heat bondable fiber, so I ran some tests on the Crystal Metallic Blending Fiber. Here's my results: Blue Flash, Gold Flash, Green Flash, Rose Lilac, Emerald, Flamingo and Lemon Burst will heat-bond permanently. Put…
Pin Loom Weaving Tutorial

Pin Loom Weaving - A Photo Tutorial

Pin loom weaving is becoming popular again! I have been intending to write up some instructions to help clarify questions from our pin loom customers. It's not perfect, but here it finally is - a photo tutorial of how I warp and weave...